The benefits are substantial for both the employer and the apprentice.

  • Technical Assistance and Support – Registered programs receive support from the dedicated staff of the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship.
  • National Credential – Graduates of Registered Apprenticeship programs receive a national, industry-recognized credential.
  • Quality Standards – Registration means the program has met national and independent standards for quality and rigor. Registration tells prospective employees, customers and suppliers that employers are investing in their workforce and that they believe employees are their most important asset.
  • Access to State and Federal Resources– Businesses may qualify for Alabama Income Tax Credits related to apprenticeship programs. In addition, employers may be able to claim some expenses for training as a federal tax credit. Business and apprentices can access funding and other resources from many federal programs to help support their Registered Apprenticeship programs.
  • Connection With Industry Peers- Apprenticeship sponsors and employers can gain access to employer communities on the local and national level. Apprenticeships offer a structured way for employers to work together.