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Why would an employer be interested in an apprenticeship?

  • Availability of skilled workers is low.
    • Apprenticeship can help you create workers with exactly the skills needed.
  • Candidates lack real-world experience.
    • Apprentices get direct experience with your company.
  • Consistency of worker training is low.
    • Employers drive the work processes and standards apprentices must meet.
  • Skill requirements for workers continues to increase.
    • Learning in your facility means learning on exactly the equipment and processes used in your business.
  • Recruiting workers is difficult.
    • Letting workers know you are going to grow them into a career employee encourages positive culture and applications.
  • The most skilled and experienced people on the job are reaching retirement age.
    • The mentorship associated with an apprenticeship program connects veteran workers directly with the next generation.

Alright, but why do I need a REGISTERED apprenticeship?

ASSISTANCE The AOA will help you build and customize a unique training plan to fit your needs.
QUALITY Registered apprenticeships provide employers with a consistently high quality of workers.
INCENTIVES Registration provides employers access to Alabama tax credits incentivizing apprenticeship training.
CREDENTIALS Apprentices gain a nationally-recognized credential upon completion of training.
RETENTION Federal studies show 91% of apprentices stay with the employers who trained them.
ADVANCEMENT Apprenticeships are an excellent way to up-skill incumbent workers.
STRUCTURE Put a framework on training you are already doing.

Tell me more about this Alabama tax credit.

About the Program

  • An employer is allowed a $1250 income tax credit for each qualifying apprentice
  • An employer can claim a tax credit for up to ten (10) apprentices annually, not to exceed $12,500
  • There will be an additional $500 tax credit available for each apprentice who is under the age of 18 for 90 days of their seven month minimum employment.
  • The credit can be applied against any income tax or financial institution excise tax imposed under Chapters 16 or 18 of Title 40.
  • The income tax credit is not refundable, none transferable, and cannot be carried forward
  • The credit cannot be claimed for an individual apprentice for more than four taxable years, regardless of employer. If applicable, the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship can verify previous credit with another employer


The Employer Must:

  • Add apprentices on or after January 1, 2017
  • Submit all required paperwork to the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship
  • Have a written employer apprenticeship agreement with the USDOL Office of Apprenticeship
  • Submit a copy of USDOL Program Registration and Apprenticeship Agreement (appendix B) for each registered apprentice
  • Verify the apprentice was employed for at least seven (7) full months of the calendar year for which the credit is being claimed
  • Receive “Apprenticeship Tax Credit Certificate” from the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship confirming that the apprentice is in compliance with all federal and state requirements for the program and signifying to the employer that their eligibility for the credit has been transmitted to the Alabama Department of Revenue.

After earning the tax credit and getting a tax credit certificate from the AOA, employers must claim the credit when taxes are filed. Instructions from the Alabama Department of Revenue on claiming the credit at filing time can be found here. 

AOA Operations Manager, Katanga Mants, stands ready and able to assist you with any questions you have about the tax credit. Email or call at 334-280-4414.

If you are an employer of apprentices and you are ready to fill out the application, the ONLINE TAX CREDIT FORMS ARE AVAILABLE HERE.