A: The application is multi-step and final details are being established. The basic steps will be as follows:

  • Apprentice candidates will download the application and complete basic demographics.
  • Apprentice candidates will submit their application to a participating EPP and request a transcript audit.
  • If the apprentice candidate meets apprenticeship academic requirements, the EPP will forward the application to the candidate‚Äôs LEA.
  • The LEA will decide if they want to select this person for apprenticeship.
  • If the LEA selects the candidate as an apprentice, they will transmit the application and recommendation back to the EPP.
  • The EPP will make a final review, register the apprentice in RAPIDS, and notify ALSDE.
  • ALSDE will receive a copy of the completed application, apprentice registration, and required documentation and will issue a Teacher Apprentice Certificate.